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"Soft Smooth Ride with the Sheer Professionalism"- Late Anand Kumar Dwivedi

What we do


Dwivedi Group's Eye-popping creative,strategic site archietecture,and fluid usability design produces amazing result when integrated with web technology.

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We specialize in Microsoft .NET skills, Dwivedi Group's extensive experience with Java, UNIX and various Open Source technologies provide a solid basis for integration and migration projects.

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We also provide complete end to end solutions such as web CMS training, e-marketing services,social and mobile applications and CMS hosting services.

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"All the business houses is now a days going digitally.Now the customers having time crunch rare scope to visit any business houses.So if any organization has excellent company profile mentioning its all services & products,this can helps getting potential business digitally." Late Anand Kumar Dwivedi

"Any organization having different branches India wide or World wide,needs a centralized system to tap up each department and day to day transaction.So We have a system has made these constraint Nil or constarint Zero.In case of existing softwares after purchase & long time running meet services.If any problem/snag arises." Ms Manorama Dwivedi

"Due to low per hour wages in INDIA compare to the other countries having IT projects outsource.Those projects to India for maximizing the profit. And In earlier days companies to have havoc problem of storing.So We are going to assist any foreign organization to crack a deal related to business premises throughout INDIA." Arpit Dwivedi(Founder| CEO)