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Real Estate Services

Construction Drafting

Our full service construction team of lawyers have a track record of advising on a diverse range of projects including some of the largest and most complex development and infrastructure projects both in the India and overseas, suites of construction contracts for use by our clients for works across their portfolio of developments, and bespoke contracts for specialised individual residential and refurbishment projects.

Our success as a practice results both from the high quality of our people and from deep experience of the sector and of clients’ requirements in a range of different circumstances. Our advice is geared to ensure that in every case your chosen procurement route reflects an optimum allocation of risk for you and our knowledge of the industry helps us to develop market-leading procurement solutions to meet your objectives.

Our broad experience of development and infrastructure projects, procured on different bases, means that we are well placed to assist you with drawing up and negotiating contracts which reflect your attitude to risk allocation and which adopt best practice, taken from projects that have succeeded.