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Banking Services

D.S.A. of various Banks

Being the DSA of different banks we facialitate banks by giving more business whhich banks can not generate.

So we are being the main facialitator of banking business. Model Code of Conduct for the Direct Selling Agents (DSAs) is a non-statutory code issued by Indian Banks' Association, a voluntary association of Banks in India for adoption and implementation by DSAs while operating as Agents of Banks and Financial Institutions.

The Code is and is deemed to be adopted and included in the Agreement between Axis Bank and the DSA. This code will apply to all persons involved in marketing and distribution of any loan or other financial product of the Axis Bank. The Direct Selling Agent (DSA)/Direct Selling Team (DST)/agent and its Tele-Marketing Executives (TMEs) & field sales personnel, namely, Business Development Executives (BDEs) must agree to abide by this code prior to undertaking any direct marketing operation on behalf of Axis bank. Any TME/BDE found to be violating this code may be blacklisted and such action taken be reported to the bank from time to time by the DSA. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in permanent termination of business of the DSA with Axis Bank and may even lead to permanent blacklisting by the industry. A declaration to be obtained from TMEs and BDEs by the DSAs before assigning them their duties is annexed to this Code.