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About Us


Dwivedi Infotronics Private Limited is a Noida, India based Service Related IT Small Cap Organization which is in existence since the month of September 2014. It has started its operations since this said period. Prior to this small job works & outsourcing of projects of other companies were going on since 2012.Recently it has come up with an ambitious decision by making it meaningful by opening a registered company. This company is the brain child of Mr Arpit Dwivedi (IT Analyst) who is one of the youngest partners of Dwivedi Infotronics Private Limited. Moreover this decision is backed by Ms Neha who is also one of the members. Lastly but the most important positive factor is that this decision is strongly backed up by the two senior most persons Late Mr Anand Kumar Dwivedi and Ms Manorama Dwivedi (Having Noted Business Background In Existence in India Since Long).They are the inspiration of Mr Arpit Dwivedi & this Organization & to make it a successful star business organization in near future. This Organization is the budding one in inception & that won’t be the risk factor for existence because today’s Big IT Houses happened to be the same small in operational size in inception. So likewise this Organization is having the excellent business plan, highest inspiration, talent pool, and other required resources to be in the top line of our competitors in near future.